C o m p e t i t i o n & F r e e s u r f       T e a m  R i d e r s

Z a c   B l i s s

 Age: 28

 Hometown: Fuerteventura 

 Homespot: Cotillo

 Best wave: Well.. thats a secret 

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Bliss model 6'-18 3/4- 5/16 27L

 Best Trip: Mentawai

 Best music: Chilli Peppers

 Hobbie: Surf and teach surf

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Boardfarmco, Fundango, Migra,  DrFix sunglasses, Sun Tribe sunscreen

Instagram: @zacybliss

Marco Martin Medina

Comp Team

 Age: 19

 Hometown: Gran Canaria, El Altillo

 Homespot: El Altillo

 Best wave: Picacho

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): Dream Machine TORQ model 5'8-18 5/8- 2 1/4- 24.9 Lt EPS CF-S tech

 Best Trip: Indo for 1 month

 Best music: An Other One Bites The Dust

 Hobbie: Skate

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, AL apparelco,  DrFix Sunglasses, looking for some more help (suits, materials, Etc...)

Instagram: @marcomarme_001

C o l b y  S t a n l e y

 Age: 23

 Hometown: Corralejo

 Homespot: El Bristol

 Best wave: Pavones

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Stanley  mod 5,11 18 5/8 2 1/4

 Best Trip: Costa Rica

 Best music: Hip-Hop

 Hobbie: Skateboarding 

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Myself 😂😂

Intagram: @colbystanley


B r a n d o  R i f u g i o

Age: 16

 Hometown: Senigallia (Italia) 

 Homespot: Majanicho

 Best wave: Majanicho inside 

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine MINI-RIPPER mod 5,2 - 17.6L

 Best Trip: Bali

 Best music: Rap 

 Hobbie: Skate

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Boardfarmco, Jam Surf Shop

Instagram: @brando_rifugio

A l e s s a n d r a  M a u r i

Age: 36

 Hometown: Forte dei Marmi, Italia (2 yrs in Fuerteventura)

 Homespot: East Coast and North Shore Fuerteventura

 Best wave: Uluwatu

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine THE SYNCHRONIZER mod  5'4 - 24.44LT

 Best Trip: Indonesia

 Best music: Eletronica POP

 Hobbie: Running

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Boardfarmco, AL apparel co, Dr.Fix Sunglasses.

Instagram: @alemauri84

A l e s s i o  M a n c i n i 

Age: 23

 Hometown: Marina di Carrara, Italia

 Homespot: Idrovora (MS) ITA

 Best wave: El Hierro

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine ALMA mod 5'10-27.2Lt

 Best Trip: Portugal

 Best music: Notoriuous Big

 Hobbie: Free Diving

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards

Instagram: @ale_mancini_martinez

Z a l a  C u d e n

Age: 30

 Hometown: Notranje Gorice (Slovenia)

 Homespot: Don't really have one, no waves in Slovenia 

 Best wave: Telescopes, Mentawais

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Zala model 6'-18 3/4-2 3/8

 Best Trip: Mentawais

 Best music: Jack Johnson

 Hobbie: Photography

Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Boardfarmco, Migra, Zealous Clothing

Instagram: @zalacuden

Mia Ramakers

 Age: 11

 Hometown: Caldereta, Fuerteventura

 Homespot: Majanicho

 Best wave: Batukaras, Java, Indonesia

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Mini Ripper mod 4'8-16 3/8-1 7/8-15 Lt

 Best Trip: Indonesia (Rote&Java)

 Best music: Weezer

 Hobbie: Surf, Skate, Windsurf, Dance (Ballet&modern dance)

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards

 Instagram: @mia_bob.ftv

Jolan Teiva Lequertier

 Age: 25

 Hometown: El Hierro

 Homespot: El Hierro

 Best wave: El Hierro and some secrets

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Black Panther 5'9-18 1/2''-2 1/4 - 25.4Lt

 Best Trip: Portugal

 Best music: All kind of old school music

 Hobbie: Fitness and books

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, Wildsuits Wetsuits, Magma Surf  Shop

 Instagram: @jolanlequertier


Comp Team

 Age: 30

 Hometown: Flat land in the middle of nowhere

 Homespot: Lil hole in the middle of nowhere

 Best wave: All of them

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine ''The Jack'' 9'-22 3/4-2 3/4-55Lt

 Best Trip: North of Spain

 Best music: Sublime, Slightly Stuped

 Hobbie: Too much of them

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards

 Instagram: @giacomosurf

Enrique Chencho Yebra

Comp Team

 Age: 12

 Hometown: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

 Homespot: La Cicer

 Best wave: La Barra

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Mini Ripper2.0  5'-16 1/2-2 1/16-16.5Lts

 Best Trip: Portugal

 Best music: Motivadora

 Hobbie: Skate

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, 3RJ surf school, Stoked-Tec coach

 Instagram: @chenchoyebra08

Chencho at home with ''Mini-Ripper 2.0'' model. Filmed&Edited by Stoked Tec

Nicolo Ogna

Comp Team

 Age: 12

 Hometown: Corralejo

 Homespot: La Concava

 Best wave: La Concava

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine TORQ2  5''0.5''-16 1/2''-2 1/8''-18.5Lts

 Best Trip: North Spain

 Best music: ACDC

 Hobbie: Skate / Play with my friends

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, ATPC COACH

 Instagram: @nico_surf6

Noah Gonzalez Harti

 Age: 23

 Hometown: Fuerteventura/Madrid

 Homespot: Fuerteventura

 Best wave: Derecha del Hierro

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine Black Panther - 5'11.5''-28 Lt

 Best Trip: Indo's island

 Best music: Good Music

 Hobbie: Travel and Photography 

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards 

 Instagram: @noah_glezh

Jorge Marquez Gonzalez

Comp Team

 Age: 20

 Hometown: San Andres, Gran Canaria

 Homespot: Boquines

 Best wave: Boquines

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine D M F- 5'9''-18 3/4''-2 1/4-25.5 Lt

 Best Trip: Maldivas

 Best music: Lifestyles of the infamous, Mob Deep

 Hobbie: Paddle and Basketball

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards 

 Instagram: @jmarquez

Antonio Benitez Gonzalez

Comp Team

 Age: 19

 Hometown: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

 Homespot: La Cicer and El Lloret

 Best wave: Ericeira

 Stance: Regular

 Magic Board( model and  measures): DMachine B.Panther- 5'9''-18 5/8''-2  5/16-26Lt

 Best Trip: France and Portugal

 Best music: Lil Baby, Drake

 Hobbie: Chill w/ friend and play Basketball

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards, XCEL wetsuits, El Cruce Surf Shop, Creatures of Leisure

 Instagram: @tooxxi

Abraham Santana

 Age: 41

 Hometown: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

 Homespot: La Cicer 

 Best wave: Izquierda La Santa

 Stance: Goofy

 Magic Board( model and  measures): STOKED FISH model 5'6-19''-2 1/4''-25Lt

 Best Trip: Sumatra

 Best music: Pearl Jam

 Hobbie: Eat good food and drink beers w/ family and friends.

 Sponsors: Dream Machine Surfboards

 Instagram: @stokedsurfclub

Abraham x Stoked Fish Model at home.