M a r c o   M a r t i n

Matias Fernandez x BLACK PANTHER model EPS CF-S TECH

t e a m  r i d e r s


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The DREAM MACHINE surfboards are totally developed and built in Lajares- Fuerteventura- Canary Islands. 

 Made by real surfers to real surfers, the  high-quality  is guarantee, built with top materials as SILMAR resin, EPOXY  BIO SUPER SAP resin, SHAPERS AUSTRALIA fiberglass, STYROFOAM PE and PU FOAM 1st quality, FCS2, FUTURES fins, and 23 years of experience by LEONARDO LEIRIA (founder, shaper, designer and lover worker ).

 Designed in shape 3D and pre-shaped with the CNC surfboards cutter machine, our boards are definitely high performance, perfect lines and Dims, we find just the perfection, elaborated for each kind of wave and surfer. All the customers have they personal folder with all the surfboards files, very important to reproduce the same board to back up in perfect shape, or change de dims redesigning the base shaped. 

 The future is now, and our philosophy is built just perfect and high-performance surfboards to improve your surf and share to you REAL DREAMS.

Chencho is back after the '' Lockdown''. Filmed and Edited by Stoked Surf Club.

Z A C Y   B L I S S

Fernando Bacallado x Black Panther Model

Matias Fernandez x Black Panther model.

Ph: Franco



A l e s s i o  M a n c i n i

M A R C O  M A R T I N

Antonio Marques, Black Panther model Thumb tail. Clip by Stoked Surf Club

C o l b y  S t a n l e y

Ph: Max Riton

Z A L A  C U D E N

Z A L A  C U D E N


Ph: Max Riton
Colby Stanley testing a new Twin Prototype at home. Filmed by Noah Gonzalez

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