We ensure that every Surfboard is designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards using only the best materials available. We continually strive to better ourselves with every board we make, repeatedly improving board design, tuning performance and construction materials, all in our endeavour to create great performance surfboards that are light, strong and durable for any wave rider.

From our very inception we have favoured the higher performance materials such as epoxy and carbon stripes combinations. We have the belief and mission statement to make the best surfboards we can with the highest performance possible, which is why we chose CF-S TECH. 

 The feedback from customers and Team riders on the performance advantages and construction benefits have always been positive. We have found that system is the superior resin and is our purpose to built the most perfomance surfboards ever.

 The CF-S tech is our most high-performance technology construction, a combo of carbons stripes place in the right place by DM Lab, Styrofoam high density + epoxy SUPER SAP eco resin. This kind of construction keep the board lighter, stronger and more flexible than a normal PU surfboard. The CF-S tech leaves the board so responsive, the torsion of the stringerless foam has concentrate power on the carbon stripes, flexing and returning to the normal form, sling-shot effect. This effect give a lot of projection to surf on the pocket vertical and faster, generate speed and drive so easy. The styrofoam has more air inside, giving more floating and lightness to the board, all the combination of this construction leave that surfboard magic to small/medium conditions.

 If you are searching for a magic carpet, for improve and put your surf in the next level, definitely the EPS CF-S TECH is the way.