1 Day in Gran Canaria with the boys

 1 Day of pure surf training by side STOKED SURF CLUB, fun and board talk with some of our GC's boys.  

 Nice waves to see the boys ripping as well around the North of Gran Canaria.


Enjoy the gallery with Marco Martin, Chencho Yebra, Antonio Marques, Toni Benitez and Gabriel Plumed riding DMF MOD and BLACK PANTHER MOD 

Welcome to the team Jorge Marquez, Antonio ''Toxxi'' Benitez and Abraham Santana

 Our Team Riders Crew is definitely a dream team, and to reinforce the group, 3 of the best surfers in the game from Gran Canaria, the neighbor island what we love and work too much.


We're so proud to announce 2 comp and 1 freesurfer more in the team. A big welcome to Jorge Marquez, Antonio Benitez and Abraham Santana.

 Jorge from the North coast of GC, from a real surf family, power surfer and very humble guy is so amazing to see Jorge blasting the waves and right now with our surfboards.

 Antonio from the surf city La Cicer, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, place with too much talents growing up. Power and modern tricks are the weapons of ''Toxxi'', a waves ripper as well.

 Abraham  from La Cicer also, one of the best coach/surfer in Spain, he's training Chencho, Toni and many more riders in Gran Canaria. His work with the guys is wonderful and professional, definitely the best. Surfing Abraham is a charger, faster and so flow, his style is very impressive and beautiful.

We're so exited!!!!!

More Info about the new riders check the TEAM link.

Abraham Santana
Antonio Benitez
Jorge Marquez

Congrats Chencho and DMF mod Spanish Champion Under12 2020

 Proudly of our Golden Grom  Enrique ''Chencho'' Yebra claim the National 2020 Under12 title!!!


 Chencho has been training a lot with his coach  ''Abraham'' Stoked Surf Club, and that is the result, the great result!! 

Against the best Spanish groms was a really nice show by these kids, high-scores in all the heats, a very blast level, but our golden kid was on fire, showed a surf as an adult. His approach was unstoppable from the start to the final with total connection with the new board, working very well all the days and the heats.


We specially made a DMF model in EPS CF-S tech for this contest, for small and mushy waves, the board goes mental!!! Chencho used fro the first time one morning and said: ''Leo this board is magic!!!!'' 


And the board really is magic, the high spot on the podium and the tour. 

This is just the start for a long career together, the feeling is magical between us.

Congrats Chencho!!! You deserve it and many more!!!!

FVT's summer session 

 Might as well to be about a great session with perfect waves, but is a funny summer session with Zac, Jolan, Ale and our friend Poti near Corralejo.


 Summer time at Fuerteventura, nothing better than get some waves with the Dream Machine

Surfboards and chill a little bit in the FVT's beaches. Windy... doesn't matter... warm water and the boards working really well, fun is guarantee!

 Really nice start this project about keep the surf and fun alive with the crew, off course, testing our models and always improving the Dream Machine Surfboards.

The models in the game were Black Panther, Bliss, Torq and Vintage Lines Fish.

Enjoy the full galley bellow.

Tuesday shooting with some DM boys

 Last Monday our team rider Marco Martin has arrived at Fuerteventura for order his new quiver and realize a fast photo-shooting with some part of the DM boys, unfortunately we miss some FV's guys cause how was organized in the last minute that session.


Was a great day of pure freesurf and fun together somewhere in the island, sun shining, warm water, nice waves, friendly, a typical summer day in the beautiful island.


Enjoy the full gallery bellow with Noah Gonzalez, Colby Stanley, Marco Martin and Alessio Mancini blasting the waves as well.  

Chencho is back after the ''Lockdown''.

 After the ''Lockdown'' our golden grom Chencho Yebra is back firing on his training and back to the competitions also. 

 He got a nice 3rd place at the ''Playa del Hombre canarian championship'' under12, we made a fast construction new weapon for him special to the event, the first surf in the contest goes mental, against the best canarian kids ( mini-pros ), Chencho was charging!!! blasting heat by heat going to the final. 

 In the final definitely a battle between those kids, but with poor conditions Chencho haven't the right wave to claim it, but the most important for us, he had a lot of fun!!!!

 We're so proud as well, good job by Chencho, his coach Stoked Surf Club, and the boards of course.

Focus to the next!

New model '' SUPERNOVA''

 A new star born, the SUPERNOVA model, first model of 2020. To create this board our shaper Leo has gone  40 years back, narrow noses, flat decks, down rails... Nice combos to create a model following these parameters.

 Adding some modern points Leo create a good high-performance model with retro lines, a lot of foam with the flat deck keeps this board with a lot of paddle and speed in mushy sections, down rails help in the rail to rail moves, the out-line isn't wide as normal small waves boards, with wings and squash tail is so easy to do turns and change direction in small spaces, definitely a model to performs in summer conditions, the medium low rocker keeps faster and helps a lot in late take offs.

 The SUPERNOVA is the board to feel the old school surf adding a little bit modern concepts and lines. 

 More about the SUPERNOVA model go to the MODELS link.

New model Wild Twinny

 Born WILD TWINNY 2+1, a very nice model specially made to our friend Andreu Grao.


Basically a retro fish redesigned to mid chest to over head conditions. Wider nose, wide point forward, wings... we are keep the fish types, introducing low rails to cut the water on the pressure turns, more rocker and the bottom concaves are for totally speed with VEE out. 


The fins set-up 2+1 add more drive and hold to this board. Definitely came out another magic carpet, a model to surf all conditions, keeping the retro fish style with totally hold and control in bigger waves.

 Soon all the measures in our models link.

T H O R G U N model 

 Our ambassador Alessio Mancini came in the factory and said: '' I WANT A GUN FOR THIS WINTER''. Ok, it's time to create our first Gun model, the THORGUN, definitely a board to ride the mountains, this board is built to paddle fast and easy, extra thickness and full outline to ctch and ride bigger waves with confidence. It has smooth rocker, and a light vee bottom with double concaves to give you speed and quick turning, while still keeping control in heavy surf.

 Made in sizes between 7'and 10'6''. It is a great board for deeper water waves like Mejillones, Tarugo, Sunset beach, Puerto Escondido, etc.

 Soon more info about the THORGUN model at the models link.

Vintage Lines Fish & Bulldozer retro models

 Our purposes are definitely build high-performance surfboards, in all of kind. Here a couple of retro models for our family members the Farris's Brothers. A ''Vintage Lines'' classic fish model for Gabriele and our ''Bulldozer'' model, a mini simmons performance for Giorgio. 

 More about our retro models in ''models link''.


 We're so proud to announce this massive entry to the Dream Machine Team.

 Marco Martin Martins Medina is natural from Gran Canaria, son of a great parents (always helping a lot Marco in his career) he's is so humble, calm and smiling boy. And his talent... he's a machine!! Regular footer with style, rail game and modern surf he is definitely a beast, one of the promises from Canary Islands.

  Loves compete, looking for big purposes  he's is so exited to starts to surf with our boards, and we're so exited too to works with Marco and put this boy in the top of the European league. Leo is actually working on 3 models to him, DMF, TORQ and BLISS.

 These 3 first surfboards are to begins warming-up and calibrating the measures to him, our goal is create a magic quiver to Marco, we knows how to important is the good boards for good results, and we're ready to build magic carpets to him.

 Marco also has a great coach working with him, Pablo Solar, 4X Spanish Champion, a good deal for improve faster his surf.

 We wish to Marco a long way plenty of good vibes and things, and we'll be together to see this boy on the top!!! Big things will come!!

 More about Marco in our Ambassadors link.

Marco riding D M F model


 A biggest welcome to the ambassadors crew to Giacomo Pignata, nice longboarder and such a cool guy. Giacomo is one of most exited surfers on the planet, he surfs every single day in every conditions, He always can be around the FV's north shore searching for some waves, and out of the water is a easy guy, love the nature, love the ocean, living so humble as him.

 Definitely our goal is built high-perfomance surfboards, doesn't matters the kind of the board, the best performances in all of the styles.

 We worked a lot with Giacomo to create a performance longboard and easy to ride classic either, born ''THE JACK'', mixing up modern and classic, this model is so nice to nose riding, rail game and off the tops.

 The wide point is ahead keeping the nose wider, the tail zone is like a gun style, you can surf waves of consequence as well, rounded pin to hold with sharp edges leaves this long ready to big sessions and in the time versatile in small conditions. The 50-50 rail keeps the classic in this shape, the deep concave in the nose is so easy to ride the nose very well, the rest of the bottom's combination is a secret, and this secret keepsTHE JACK magic, in the 1st week with the board, Giacomo won the contest of Playa Blanca-FV- over one of the best longboarder from Spain, the test was perfect.

 Coming soon on the models link all about THE JACK model.  

Photo_ Andrea Ru

Available our 1st kite wave model

   Our goal is definitely built high-performance surfboards, all kind of surfboards, got the most performance in all conditions and models.

 With a great kite surfer from Italy, Daniele Fontana ( Pic action/shape room ), we created this high performance kite wave strapless, the KWP model, for kite surf strapless on the waves. Leo worked a lot with Daniele to create a board super faster and responsive on the rail game, with deep single concave and 4 channels, the speed is totally guarantee, quad setup and special rocker keeps that board really faster and easy to do turns and hacks on the pocket. The EPS CF-S TECH construction leaves more flexibility, lighter and stronger board. the KWP was already tested and the feedback was totally positive, the board is magic.

 Our philosophy is always built high-perfomance surfboards, and here is the most performance kite wave surf ever.

 More info go to link MODELS.


 A new small/medium waves model created together with our ambassador Colby Stanley. This model is definitely the best choice to ripping in tough and good conditions, feels like a skateboard. Colby ask to a surfboard with paddle and agility, something easy to surf faster in the summer time or  mushy sessions...  and here is the BULLET BILL, we changed our TORQ model, add a square tail with the  wide point and  volume distribution forward,  real bullet, is easy to waves entry, paddle and generate speed. Medium/low rocker, deep single-concave and  pretty kick tail  resulting in increased responsiveness, maneuverability and down-the-line speed, including the air game for the air show lovers.   Do you needs a magic carpet this summer? this is the way, the BULLET BILL .   Available in PU and PE EPS CF-S tech (photo) construction. More info go to the models link.


 Recently a part of our ambassadors are in Indonesia for the DREAM MACHINE INDO TOUR 2K19.

 Zala and Zacy are already in Indo since last april, Zacy goes to Bali last week to receive Jolan and Alessio just arrived in the island of Gods. 

 A lot of surf, parties and beers is definitely they mood to this trip. They're testing them signatures series models in the most perfect waves on the planet, getting feedbacks to improve our lines keeping our concepts to create magic carpets to the team and customers.

 Coming soon a gallery with the complete report.


 We're proud to announce this massive entry to the Dream Machine Team, JOLAN LEQUERTIER. Cool guy and such a nice surfer, he is radical, barrel rider and has a moderns maneuvers in his arsenal, is definitely a perfect rider for our team. 

 For him we worked together for a  model to performs a lot, to surfs really well in all round conditions, he's a faster rider, and he needs a board to do the top to bottom so easily. We changed our TORQ model to adapt for Jolan's surf. We add a little bit curve on the tail rocker, deep concaves, left rails and another some secrets from our shapes.

 The BLACK PANTHER came out how our best performance model as well (see the models link). 

 A big welcome to this ripper guy to complete our team!! Big things coming soon!!!

 More about Jolan chec Ambassadors link.

Drops a new small/medium funny model 

This is a new small/medium model created by our shaper Leo Leiria to perform in summer conditions. A flater rocker combined with wider points,double wing swallow and step deck keeps this board so easy to do turns and a lot of floating in short waves, a little channel improve the speed and leaves this model so faster. The EPS CF-S tech is definitely the best construction for the D-WING T. 

More info in our models link.

Big Welcomes Mia Ramakers to the team

 A big welcomes to the sweet ''Mia Ramakers'' as new Dream Machine surfboards ambassador.

 Daughter from a great Windsurfer/Surfer and waterman Bob Ramakers, Mia is the most exited, humble, coolest and beautiful rad grom girl, nice skater and surfer with her 9 years old, she is definitely a great promise coming soon.

 Always bigs smiles in her face, she is a pretty girl as well, we love her, a little girl born to ride.

 To her we study perfect dims in the ''MINI RIPPER'' girls model, 

the first one was 4'8 - 16 3/8 - 1 7/8 - 15 Lt swallow tail. The color design was create totally by herself.

 We desire to her a big career with a lot of fun and good vibes, keeping her smile and love to infect all the people around her.

 To meet more about Mia check our ambassadors link.

                                                                     DM Mediaset, 15/01/2019

B L A C K  B I R D   2019 m o d e l


  Born in 2019 a very interesting model called the BLACK BIRD, this model is to fly, an evolution of the LAZY DAYS. A little bit modern and performance, this model is more versatili and works really well and all kind of condictions. A wider nose redesigned to performance approach, narrowed tail to attack hollow condictions and pivot in good waves, combined with lower rocker to easy paddle and generate speed.

  It's a nice choice to travel when you can carry on just one board, is possible surf really well with that model all condictions from 2’ to 7’ kind of wave. Avaiable in PU and PE CF-S tech.  Born in 2019 a very interesting model called the BLACK BIRD, this model is an evolution of the LAZY DAYS. A little bit modern and performance, this model is more versatili and works really well and all kind of condictions. A wider nose redesigned to performance approach, narrowed tail to attack hollow condictions and pivot in good waves, combined with lower rocker to easy paddle and generate speed. 

  For travel when you can carry on just one board is cool, possible surf really well with that model all condictions from 2’ to 7’ kind of wave. Avaiable in PU and PE CF-S tech.                       DM Mediaset, 03/01/2019

Dream Machine welcomes Michel Waburg to the team

DM mediaset, 15/12/2018

 A big welcomes to this charger boy to the team, Michel was born in Fuerteventura and he's definitely one of the most talent in the islands as well. He's surfs very good small waves and commit so well in power and hollow conditions. For this guy, Leo worked with him to create a personal model, signatures series, called the ''WAZOWSKI'' model (see in models), specially made to surfs power waves and also to performs in medium conditions. Michel is a perfect concept of ours ambassadors, funny guy, always smiling and most important, a real lover surfer. 

You can know more about Michel in our ambassador's link.


 We're always searching the best for our customers and to the top quality at the DREAM MACHINE surfboards. For us the most important thing is create perfect and high quality surfboards.

  Just land at the DM lab the futures fins leash plugs, those plugs guarantee more resistance and lightness on the board, the plug came installed before the glass, keeping heavy the leash plug to safe your board, and more light and strong the tail zone.

 Also is so nice combined with the same color of the fins box.


                                                                          DM Mediaset, 10/12/2018