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1 Day in Gran Canaria with the boys

 1 Day of pure surf training by side STOKED SURF CLUB, fun and board talk with some of our GC's boys.  

 Nice waves to see the boys ripping as well around the North of Gran Canaria.


Enjoy the gallery with Marco Martin, Chencho Yebra, Antonio Marques, Toni Benitez and Gabriel Plumed riding DMF MOD and BLACK PANTHER MOD 

Abraham Santana
Antonio Benitez
Jorge Marquez

Congrats Chencho and DMF mod Spanish Champion Under12 2020

 Proudly of our Golden Grom  Enrique ''Chencho'' Yebra claim the National 2020 Under12 title!!!


 Chencho has been training a lot with his coach  ''Abraham'' Stoked Surf Club, and that is the result, the great result!! 

Against the best Spanish groms was a really nice show by these kids, high-scores in all the heats, a very blast level, but our golden kid was on fire, showed a surf as an adult. His approach was unstoppable from the start to the final with total connection with the new board, working very well all the days and the heats.


We specially made a DMF model in EPS CF-S tech for this contest, for small and mushy waves, the board goes mental!!! Chencho used fro the first time one morning and said: ''Leo this board is magic!!!!'' 


And the board really is magic, the high spot on the podium and the tour. 

This is just the start for a long career together, the feeling is magical between us.

Congrats Chencho!!! You deserve it and many more!!!!

FVT's summer session 

 Might as well to be about a great session with perfect waves, but is a funny summer session with Zac, Jolan, Ale and our friend Poti near Corralejo.


 Summer time at Fuerteventura, nothing better than get some waves with the Dream Machine

Surfboards and chill a little bit in the FVT's beaches. Windy... doesn't matter... warm water and the boards working really well, fun is guarantee!

 Really nice start this project about keep the surf and fun alive with the crew, off course, testing our models and always improving the Dream Machine Surfboards.

The models in the game were Black Panther, Bliss, Torq and Vintage Lines Fish.

Enjoy the full galley bellow.

Tuesday shooting with some DM boys

 Last Monday our team rider Marco Martin has arrived at Fuerteventura for order his new quiver and realize a fast photo-shooting with some part of the DM boys, unfortunately we miss some FV's guys cause how was organized in the last minute that session.


Was a great day of pure freesurf and fun together somewhere in the island, sun shining, warm water, nice waves, friendly, a typical summer day in the beautiful island.


Enjoy the full gallery bellow with Noah Gonzalez, Colby Stanley, Marco Martin and Alessio Mancini blasting the waves as well.