Our shaper/Designer Leonardo Leiria has 22 years building surfboards, worked with a lot of shapers as Marcio Zouvi ( Sharp Eye ), Bill Johnson, Stewart Darcy, Roger Hinds ( Bear ), Gary Linden, Simon and the best shaper in Brazil around his home. Leo grew up surfing and competing, he has 32 years of surfing and the most important thing is.. he live the real feeling of surfing as well.

 Leo is most exited surfer/shaper for sure, he spend a lot of time creating, studying and testing his models, he is a real passionate on his job and dedicate a lot of time talking with his customers to create a perfect board to them. For us this is so important to create our models.

 This is the DREAM MACHINE SURFBOARDS philosophy.. create personal surfboards to the most evolution and funniest performance for our customers and family.