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Our shaper/Designer Leonardo Leiria has been more than 23 years building surfboards, working hand to hand with big shapers in the industry such as Marcio Zouvi (Sharp Eye), Bill Johnson, Stewart Darcy, Roger Hinds (Bear), Gary Linden, Simon and the best shaper in his hometown back in Brazil. Leo grew up surfing,  competing and shaping,in a very competitive enviroment such as Brazil.

Leo is a really exited surfer/shaper, he spends tons of hours creating, studying and testing his models. He really loves his job and dedicates a lot of time talking with his customers to create a perfect board for each one of them. For us this is the most important thing to create new models.

This is the DREAM MACHINE SURFBOARDS philosophy, to create not just a custom surfboard, but evolution and fun in each shape, directly to our customers and family!

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