Chencho training at home with Mini-Ripper 2.0 model. 
Filmed and Edited by Stoked Tec.

 A day with Marco Martin at home testing some new weapons and training with his coach Pablo Solar.

Filmed&Edited by garageMOVIES Productions.

Air game by Marco Martin with D M F model. Filmed: Pablo Solar. Edited: garageMOVIES.

 One Minute with Marco Martin in front his home El Atillo House - Gran Canaria. He rides his DMF model.

Filmed by Pablo Solar Pro Surf Coach

Edited by Marco Martin

New ambassador Marco Martin Medina training in front of his home, Gran Canaria-Canary Island.

Footage & Editing Michel Martin.

Colby Stanley in Go Windy or Go Home, Fuerteventura - Canary Islands.


Filmed and edited by madNESS Garage Movies

Music By Pennywise

 Leo Leiria shaping and testing our TORQ model somewhere in the FV's North Shore.

Filmed by Alessandra Mauri

Edited by Garage Movies